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HoofGrid Classical Equitation Arena, Haupstadt Turnier 2009, Berlin Horse Club
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HoofGrid Classical Equitation Arena, Haupstadt Turnier 2009, Berlin Horse Club
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Venue: Haupstadt Turnier 2009, Berlin Horse Club.
Video documentary below: Overnight construction of a world championship/exposition of Showjumping, Dressage and Carriage Racing. Product used is HoofGrid-S50™ and Perfect Footing™ (recently known in the United States by the brand name GGT,  for 'German GeoTextile').
The significance of this video:
The arena base of HoofGrid-S50™ may be installed in a few hours, directly on top of a polished concrete exhibition hall, coliseum arena, convention center, or even an outdoor parking lot. It prevents the sand from sliding on the contcrete flooring, while providing the necessary traction to prevent the sand from sliding. HoofGrid-S50™ is also flexible and resilient, providing high-performance base with correct compaction and elasticity.
The sand may have Perfect Footing™ (aka GGT in the USA) incorporated into the sand, for additional resiliency/elasticity, traction and moisture retention.
At the end of the competition, there is zero waste (unlike typical American temporary indoor riding arena construction). The footing sand remains clean and 100% re-usable; the entire arena base may be loaded back onto pallets for storage.
The arena is also completely portable, allowing it to be shared between distant facilities, or relocated from various indoor and/or outdoor areas: wherever a world-class fEI CDI Dressage or fEI CSIO 4* internation competition riding arena is required - even on short notice.
By contrast, typical "conventional" temporary arena construction in the US consists of thousands of tons of clay - graded and leveled and compacted; covered by thousands of tons of sand. During the competition, the clay and sand become intermingled, causing the entire arena to be disposed of as landfill. This unnecessarily wasteful - and low performance, riding arena construction is not in the best interests of the horse/rider pairs' health or performance, nor in the best interest of the event organizer's pocketbook, nor is it environmentally sound.
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