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HoofGrid - the genuine original stable grid system for horses
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ProEquus World Class Performance Riding Arena Systems
HoofGrid - the genuine original stable grid system for horses
Perfect Footing [aka ggt] Riding Arena cushion + traction + resilience + purity.
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HoofGrid™ The Genuine & Original Stable-Grid System for Equine or Agricultural  Footing and Flooring applications ...
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About A GeoGrid System...
What it does, how it does it, and what it is ...

General Information

Just a Grid or Grid-H-D ?
Which grade should you use?
 Downloadable & Printable Brochures, technical data sheets, installation instructions, etc ...
Grid 4 Page Brochure
Grid Trifold Brochure
Technical Data Sheets:
A Grid Tech/Data
A Heavy Duty Grid Tech/Data
 HoofGrid Videos, Slideshows & Presentations ...
Grid Installation Video
Grid Slideshows/Presentations:
Run Anywhwere Slideshow (no software required)
PowerPoint - Abbreviated (Microsofoft PowerPoint® required)
PowerPoint - Detailed    (Microsofoft PowerPoint® required)

Some of the ProEquus International Equine Grid referential projects
Reitverein Kloster Mehrerau
Reitverein Kloster Mehrerau Web Page
Letter of Recommendation

Markus Duenser's Arena
( 2004 FEI Reining International Reining, non-pro)
Letter of Recommendation

CSI Worksheets - 2004 Master Format:  (Construction Specifications Institute)
HoofGrid Equine Footing and Flooring CSI Sheet


HoofGrid Equine Footing and Flooring Systems:
Introduction to equine footing and flooring grid systems
Product Requests
Riding Arena Design - Footing and Flooring Products
Other European References
GeoGRID INFO and Brochures
Equestrian GeoGrid Demonstration Photos