Tape-recorded video of the 2008 Kentucky International Equine Summit: featuring our international footing expert Joachim Laengle, Director/Owner of ProEquus International; and internationally acclaimed Bill Casimaty, President/CEO/Founder of StrathAyr Turf Systems and TurfTrack.

Panelists at the Kentucky International Equine Summit, Derby Week of 2008. Videos available of the entire panel discussing The Wellbeing of the Competitive Horse, including Bill Casimaty of TurfTrack, Joachim Laengle of ProEquus International, Bob Kiser of Kiser Arenas, and Brett Raflowitz of Equestrian Services International.Navigate this page ...
 Panelist 1 - Bill Casimaty, President/CEO of StrathAyr® Systems, inventor of TurfTrack™ ...
Bill Casimaty, TurfTrack by StrathAyr grasstrack racecourse systems; TurfTrack was asked to be the sole international expert on healthy and safe grass racetracks and race courses.

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 Panelist  2 - Hr. Joachim M. Längle, DFW, President/founder of ProEquus International® ...
Joachim M. Laengle, international footing expert, European footing expert speaker-panelist at the 2008 Kentucky International Equine Summit. Panel title The Wellbeing of the Competitive Horse. Click to view the video online of this Ky Equine Summit Panel, will open in a new window.
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 Discussion Forum - Questions & Answers at the conclusion of the international on "The Well-being of the Competitive Horse"
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