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Reference Projects of ProEquus Arena Base Systems
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Reference Projects of ProEquus Arena Base Systems
ProEquus OT40 at the Lipizzaner Stud Farm - Kobilarna Lipica
Tech-Data for ProEquus OT40  Dressage, Jumping, Classical Equitation arena base
Tech-Data for ProEquus WE40  Multi-Use (Western and Classical), Portable, Indoor or Outdoor arena base system

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  Reference projects structural mats for horse riding arenas
[Our products are made in Germany]  [Download this in Adobe PDF]

The following is a “short list” of references ...
Sold directly to the customer by the German manufacturer, designed and executed by Oliver Hoberg (GER)
Sri Lanka: International  Show Jumping Grand Prix - Kuala Lumpur
(Designed by Oliver Hoberg)

ProEquus® WE40™ (Western Equestrian) Arena System

Original filename ProEquus-WE40_3.JPG. This overhaed view of the WE40 perforated mat elements shows the rainfall drainage perforations and the minimal horizontal traction [i.e. shear-resistance]  elements which are more appropriate for western riding styles.  Original filename ProEquus-WE40_4.JPG. This view of the underside of the WE40 western-riding mat system shows the drainage channels which divert rainfall runoff horizontally to external stormwater runoff removal systems. Whether the mats are installed on pervious or impervious surfaces, the rainfall never puddles or pools in the arena itself. Original filename ProEquus-WE40_5.JPG. Top-side overview of the ProEquus® WE40 [Western Equitation] perforated riding arena mat system designed specifically for western-style riding, such as Roping and Reining, Cutting and Barrels etc.
References of the newly redesigned & improved ProEquus® WE40™Arena Systems
Western Riding Competitions & Events in Germany:
     Equimundo: Karlsruhe, Germany
     Raiderstour: Hannover, Germany
     Munich indoor open: Munich, Germany
     European Indoor Championship: Verden, Germany
Western Equitation riders, breeders and trainers in Europe:
Grischa Ludwig, Ludwig Quarter Horses - Professional breeding, training and riding of quarterhorses; Grischa  Ludwig is also a highly reputable competitor in the NRHA, IRHA and the fEI-Reining fields.A. Grischa Ludwig – Professional Breeding and Training of Quarter Horses
1. Facility name: Ludwig Quarter Horses
2. Name of English speaking Person to Contact: Ludwig GRISCHA
3. Phone number: (hidden - please ask for a personal reference)
4. E-mail address: (hidden - please ask for a personal reference)
5. Type of riding done in the arena with WE40: competition practice (reining),horse training, riding lessons ...
6. How long the system has been installed: One Year (please remember this is a new technology, applying proven world class classical arena footing technology to Western Equitation)
B. Stefan Waitzhofer - Breeder/Trainer…
1. Facility name: IRISHOF Horse Center
2. Name of English speaking Person to Contact: Stefan WAITZHOFER
3. Phone number: (hidden - please ask for a personal reference)
4. E-mail address: (hidden - please ask for a personal reference)
5. Type of riding done in the arena with WE40: practice (reining), horse training and riding lessons
6. How long the system has been installed: ca. one year (the ProEquus WE40™ has only been on the market for a little over two years)

ProEquus® OT40™ ("Oberdresseurretein Traditional") Equestrian Arena System

ProEquus OT40™ arena base mat system - side view. Equestrian perforated mat system - underside view. This image displays the advanced high-drainage system as used at the 2008 summer games in Hong Kong, Sha Tin racecourse, designed by Oliver Hoberg (GER), provided to the Hong Kong Jockey Club.
The following list shows references for our new, improved (upgraded) model of horse riding mats. This latest model isbeing introduced to the North American market with the brand name ProEquus® OT40™

International Riding Event Venues:
2008 Summer Olympic Games: Hong Kong, China
(Designed by Oliver Hoberg and Bart Poels, Asst.)
Lipizzan Stud Farm: Lipica, Slovenia (home and namesake of the Lippizaners, since 1580 AD)
(below: footing designed/executed by Joachim Laengle, ProEquus)
Photos provided courtesy ofKobilarna Lipica» More Lipica Stud Farm
Is your riding arena in America qualified to host an FEI-Sanctioned CSIO 4* or CDI A, W or J level competition?

Personal References ...
Vanja Babic of Lipica writes to us: "This horse has an enormus power and he just flies above the ProEquus arena. The horse runs much better on these grounds.  ProEquus has the best footing for dressage arenas. After 3 weeks of rain - perfect footing during the competition."
Below: Vanja Babic, Grand Prix Dressage rider, with Watzmann 70 under saddle (by Weltmeyer).
Vanja pictured above and below at the Competition Dressage National, Alpe Adria Trophy, Class A, in Lipica, Slovenia on date 18-20, April 2008


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