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New: TurfTrack Grass track horse racetracks + Video
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ProEquus World Class Performance Riding Arena Systems
HoofGrid - the genuine original stable grid system for horses
Perfect Footing [aka ggt] Riding Arena cushion + traction + resilience + purity.
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Who we are and — perhaps more importantly — who we are not! (American clients please do not be fooled - any American contractor or vendor who offers the real, trademark-registered ProEquus® products is listed at our website »
The Original ProEquus® Perforated Mat Systems OT-40™ and WE-40™ which we import directly from the factory to our American clients and partners.
Das Original "German geotextile" which is still made in Germany, which we still import directly fom the European factories to our Equestrian Cients the USA, Canada and South America.
Contact ProEquus® of North America directly — please do not be  fooled by American knockoff artists.
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