ProEquus® OT40™ Classical Equitation Arena Base System
Material Specifications and Technical Data Sheet

Product description: Flexible mats, (120cm W x 83cm L x 4cm H) largely consisting of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is virtually trouble-free (in comparison to other materials during temperature changes, since it expands equally in all directions, and contracts into the same shape and size. (e.g. no “memory” as with many plastics).
The elements are relatively pliable and flexible, UV-stabilized, durable with a long lifespan, do not decay or decompose, are non-polluting and resistant to acids and leaching compounds, acid rain etc. and 100% recyclable! (as per Laboratory Certificate).
ProEquus® OT40™ Perforated Mat has been proven to contain no PCB, nor any other pollutants for animals, plants, groundwater, microorganisms, etc.

Uses: As secure riding surfaces in the horse facilities (e.g. for riding, training, events and shows, and tournament facilities) and/or general animal husbandry, pasture entrances, paths and walkway to paddocks etc…).
Due to the straight edges, the mats nest against each other snugly. Installation: ProEquus® OT40™ may be trimmed to fit using portable hand tools (saws) or power hand tools (circular saws, etc.). It is not necessary to pre-cut the pieces, they may be trimmed-to-fit easily during installation, thus saving time and energy.

Pallets by truck:
1 Pal.= 50 Layers = 50m² | Pallet Dimensions = 120x85x215 (cm WxLxH)
40’ Container load:
1 Pal.= 60 Layers = 60m² | 23 Pallets/Container =1,380m² = 29 MT

Lead-time for orders: For full truck quantities, orders shipped normally within 10 days after receiving order confirmation!  
For shipment to North America please allow 4-6 weeks.

Shape/Size/Weight Technical Data: According to current state of knowledge without claim to completeness
Size l x b x h in cm:
120 x 83,0 x 4,0 cm = 1m²
Grid Sample size:
4.5 cm
Drainage Holes:
190 holes/mat
Drainage depth (underside)
1.5 cm
Dead weight:
21 kg/m²
Tested by:
institut für bioanalytik, umwelt-toxologie, und biotechnologie
Standard color:
Dark grey
Rate of installation: approximately 50m² /man-hour for small areas up to 70m² / man-hour for large areas.
Primary applications: ProEquus® OT40 is appropriate for all classical types of horseback riding arenas.
including indoor or outdoor riding arenas, training rings and round pens, paddocks, pasture entrances, etc.
for some types of Western Equitation (rodeo-style riding such as Reining, Roping, Cutting etc.) the new ProEquus® WE40™ may be more appropriate ... more about WE40.
Portable and revokable:  Either of the ProEquus® perforated mat arena systems may be used for temporary conversion of indoor or outdoor areas into worldclass equestrian riding surfaces.
Filename PROEQUUS_PROFLEX-MATS_inset.jpg. The original perforated mat system used at quadrennial Olympics summer games. Equestrian perforated mat system - underside view. This image displays the advanced high-drainage system as used at the 2008 summer games in Hong Kong, Sha Tin racecourse, designed by Oliver Hoberg (GER), provided to the Hong Kong Jockey Club. ProEquus OT40™ arena base mat system - side view.

Tech-Data for ProEquus OT40  Dressage, Jumping, Classical Equitation arena base